The Order of the Violet Dawn

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The Rules!

The rules here are simple, and all members must abide by them, regardless of rank. Though we are a very laid back and fun group of players, there are some "laws" that must be set to insure everyone is given equal treatment in The Order. The rules are as follows:
*1:  A guild is like an extended family, so please, treat other members with kindness and respect!
*2: Discrimination of any sort against race, religion, or sexual orientation will NOT be tolerated! We are a LGBT friendly Guild.
*3 Please be courteous towards others, regardless of whether or not the individual is in the Guild. We must set an example for others and take pride in our Order and thus, we must conduct ourselves with dignity and honor
*4: No harassing members! No Drama! We are a strictly Drama FREE zone. If you are having personal problems, please keep it out of Guild chat.
*5: Certain words are banned from Guild Chat. Words such as gay, rape, retard(ed), and any other sort of derogatory words used in slang or others wise will not be permitted for the comfort of fellow guild members. Violators of this rule will donate 10g into the guild bank (like a dollar into a swear jar) and those who do not will risk getting kicked from the guild.

*6: We are a low tolerance guild. Any sort of talk about drugs or any other sort of substance abuse in guild chat will result in a warning/subtraction of rank points and the next offense will result in a ban from the Guild. Permanently. Period.

*7: Certain addons such as Gryphonheart Items (GHI) and MyRolePlay (MRP) are very valuable assets to our guilds core theme, Role-Playing (RP). With that being said, we would very much like to promote the use of these addons. (GHI) will be required for certain ranks. Special items using the (GHI) addon will show seniority, and leadership within the guild. Promotions are earned, either by helping, accomplishing achievements or gathering goodies for the guild. For additional details on our promotion system, use the button provided below.