The Order of the Violet Dawn

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The Order of The Violet Dawn

Lindsey Stirling (Lindsey Stirling)
Welcome to The Order!
"There is always room for all of you here. Our beloved home is a place of friendship. Anyone, young or old, who has read or heard of The Violet Dawn may come and visit us. If you are honest and good of heart, no matter your faction, no matter what season, our doors are always open to you. Whether for the first time or for the return of an old companion, you are welcome. Please feel free to visit us anytime you pass by this way." ~ Lady Ia Griggs, Mother Abbess of The Violet Dawn

The Violet Dawn is an organization, a gathering of liked minded adventurers and heroes, who strongly believe in the concept of peace through out Azeroth, of living in harmony with one another, regardless of Faction.